Dr. Wummi's Stuff - Dreamcast Mod


- Martin Luther King


Well, Mr. King certainly knew how cool and awesome this 128-Bit monster was. still is.
Games like REZ, JetGrind Radio, MSR and Seaman still rock your socks. Go look at the awesomness.

"But wait!", you say, "I can't for the love of god look at that shitty analog composite signal! 320 Lines interlaced? HOLY FUCK IT KILLS MY EYES!", so i would reply: "No need to worry, sir. The motherfuckin Dreamcast is able of splurting out an amazing 480p signal via VGA!"

Yes, thats the WII's maximum resolution. The Dreamcastosaurus dated 1999 wins this one.

What do?

First, if you don't know how to use a soldering iron, your'e shit outta luck. Don't you even try to do this, you will break your wonderful Dreamcast!

IF you do how to work the tools: this comes in handy:

 Here is the awsome Tutorial you should follow.

The result:


Look at the Pictures for more detailed shots of the magic.