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Internet Lamp

Too lazy to get up your fat ass to switch on a lamp?
Like strangers looking into your home and switching said lamp for you?

I have the solution! An internet-controlled, webcam monitored 60's lamp!


To see what came of this, go here: http://ussr.at/lamp
Also, don't be a dick and switch it OFF when your'e done. Electricity doesn't come for free out of pikachus butthole.


It's simple really: a php website connects to my home router, wich in turn communicates with a raspberry pi computer, and gets the webcam image. the pi then sends a request to a modified fonera wlan router that switches a solid-state relay and turns the lamp on.


...sorry site not done yet...

there are however some (not that great) pictures you can look at.

the lamp project has ceased to exisist. if it ever comes back is uncertain.