Dr. Wummi's Stuff - OMFG LASERS!


Dr. Evil knows whats good, and thats sharks and lasers. At the moment i'm a bit short on sharks, so let's laser the shit outta our eyes. (GHETTO DISCO STYLE!)

You need:

  • a friggin laser
  • 2 Old Harddisks
  • Audio Amp
  • A PGC (PersonalGhettoComputer)

You get:

(Clickety for bigety)

But how?

Using your manly tools with your manly hands, disassemle the Harddisks.
Rip out all the electronics, platters, and whatever you may find. You are looking for the moving arm thing.

Got it? Great. See the shiny platters with all your pr0n on it? Hack out a small part, it will be used as a mirror.
Glue your new shiny mirror to the arm, rinse, repeat, do it again with the other HDD.

Arrange your mirrors so that one mirror deflects the beam horizontal, one vertical.

Use every spring, spring-like object, rubberband you can find to fix the arms in middle position, they won't center themselves:

(The 2 springs and the rubberband in place)

Just look at my very sophisticated final setup. It's quite Tech-Noir, isn't it? The assembly reminds us of great machines, like the Crappotastic 4000 or the Fartbucket 2.0.

Now take a picture of it in the dark, because it looks cool:

(click me HARDER!)

Now, in amazement of your accomplishment, connect the coils of the disk-arms to your superduper audio amplifier. Those coils can take about 1W RMS, so be sure not to turn up the volume to high, or else its Fry-day. More info about the arms, coils, why and what can be found here (soon)
(FYI: those things basically work like speakers, but instead of a membrane, they have those arms. Impedance seems to be about 5 to 10 Ohms, depending on the manufacturer. So check that FIRST. Don't you come crying to me if you blew up your 15000€ gold-plated audioamp)


Let's Partey!

Get yourself some Audiosoftware (like Goldwave) , and get jiggy with some triangle and or other funky shapes. Figure out how to make a square (Protip: Dual triangle wave with 180° Stereo phaseshift). Frequencies are in the ~100 Hz region. Trial & Error shall be your motto.

Look mommy, i made a square! On the ceiling!

Now is probably a good time to educate yourself about Lissajous Curves, if you don't know what they are. With this knowledge, you can now produce seizure inducing projections like this. (.mov/2,7 MB)

Fully programmable Lasershow!

Wait wat? YES! With the awesome software Heathcliff you can do your own ghetto disco super lasershow.
Here is a test run with different shapes:

(just don't listen to the faggy song in the end)


And here's the hcpcrew.at url character by character (www.hcpcrew.at):  

(danger faggy song again! Cover your precious ears!)

Or you can just play your playlist and watch the GLS (GhettoLaserShow) make visualisations that suck more than those of Windows Mädchen Player:

(slightly better music in this one)


And another one looking towards the beam (blame Youtube for qualtiy)


Now get all your bum friends together for a ghetto rave! Don't forget to bring your Captain Jack CDs.

Also, visit the gallery for more laser fun and cool pictures.