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Ghetto DSLR

Wanna be an artist? Equipment too expensive? Build youself a GhettoDSLR.
(Without the mirror, but with extra ghetto.)

Wait wat?



Inspired by the KGB-Eyetoy, i thought: "Why the fuck not mount the SLR lens to a pocketcam?"
And so i did.


Take your beloved digital pocketcamera. I used a Minolta Dimage X, because i had it lying around and it had a borked focus motor.

Have it? Good. Hack it open and remove the optics (1) from the camera (2).

Then find a box or something to mount your SLR lenses on. I used a cableconnectorbox.

Look at this:

Remove 1 from 2. =) (click to enlarge)

Find the CMOS or CCD sensor, and mount it in a way so you can adjust the image focus pane.

See? like this.

Mount it like a BOSS (tape).
Screw the screws till the sensor is in the right place.

Assemble! (tape)


Test your ghettocam!


Now that you have a professional looking camera, you automagically became an artist! Congratulations!

Also, have a look at the other pictures for more details.