Dr. Wummi's Stuff - LMA Box

The machine of the century!

The machine of the century actually looks like this:

What the hell is it good for?

This box houses a wonderful mechanism that accomplishes the wonderful task of switching the machine off.
I saw this video some time ago, and decided i need this, 'cause it's DA BOMB.

Inside tha box...

...is a cheapo servo, a switch, batteries and a servo controller, to control the servo (no shit Batman!)
on the outside is a superb 2 way on/off switch.

See this professional diagram to understand the inner workings:

Initially the lever is in down position, pressing S1 and the machine is powerless. When S2 is flipped, the servo control board is powered up and the servo moves the lever to flip S2 back. The potentiometer on the controlboard is shorted, and the board reverses the servo direction. The lever goes back till it hits S1 and switches the machine off.

The (low res) result:


Some more pictures


the professional off switch: