Dr. Wummi's Stuff - KGB Eyetoy

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So you want to spy on your neigbors? Even the ones that live kilometers away?
Fear not! this will give you KGB like surveillance powerz!

1) Hack open any old Webcam, remove optics.

2) Obtain old SLR Tele Lens

3) Tape that shit together



Good to know:

A webcam CCD is much smaller than a SLR-film slide, wich adds another factor 10 or so zoom to your image, making it super-effective. In the gallery you can see a few results, and how the thing looks like finished.
The native resolution of the eye-toy is rather crappy (320x240), but if you choose to use some better webcam, shit's going to hit the fan.
Dustcovers of the lenses make excelent mounts for them!
The pictures in the gallery are pink-ish, because i lost the IR filter. If you are not stupid and keep yours on the CCD, it will improve the contrast by a lot.
Also, if you build this, and capture pictures of boobies, mail them to me.

Have a look at the pictures.