Dr. Wummi's Stuff - Use magnetism to save your life

Magnetism saves the world!

Everybody knows the problem: Dirt and stupid shit under your table. As you don't care about cleaning, it accumulates like katamari until you step on something and fuck your foot up. Thats no fun at all.

But wait! Dr. Wummi has found the solution to this age-old problem. After years of research i present:


will revolutionize your floormanagement!

So how does it work?

Step 1) find a strong magnet. Easily found in every harddisk.

Step 2) mount said magnet under your chair.

...wait a few weeks...

Step 3) Be amazed by the things you find!

OMG! Look at all this shit! Dayum bro, i've been looking for this shit for ever yo!